Recomended Books

  • The Yoga Teacher’s Tool Box – Joseph & Lilian Le Page -. These cards were developed to support your personal practice and also to assist the Yoga teacher in offering clear and concise instructions and language for the Yoga poses.
  • The Heart of Yoga – TKV desikachar – This book offers a beautiful introduction to the whole practice of Yoga with an emphasis on Yoga Philosophy and Psychology
  • Yin Sights – Bernie Clark – Although this book is focused on Yin Yoga, Yin Sites offers practitioners of all styles of Yoga insight into how/why Yoga works from both Eastern and Western Perspectives. It offers an in-depth understanding of the effects of Yoga on the physical level and also explores the effects of Yoga on the energetic level and psycho-emotional level. I believe this is one of the best reads on Yoga for those wanting to understand why Yoga “works”. Can be read on line at A must read for teachers.
  • The Bhagavad Gita – translation by Eknath Easwaran – This is a classic of Indian Spirituality. A read for the serious student of Yoga. Eswaran offers a translation that can be integrated, contemplated and understood by the western reader
  • Upanishads – translation by Eknath Easwaran – The Upanishads will be enjoyed by those who enjoy a poetic exploration of scripture. The Upanishads constitute the core teachings of Vedanta. Easwaran offers a highly assessable translation without losing the poetic nature of these texts.
  • The End of Your World – Adayashanti- What happens when realize/experience that “reality” is something beyond what we perceive through every day consciousness? In this book Adaya explores the gifts and challenges that are the aftermath of awakening (whether it was a momentary glimpse of totality or abiding/lasting awakening).
  • Yoga for Wellness – Gary Kraftsow – In this book Gary offers you an understanding the holistic nature of asana (asana) practice. It speaks about the importance of function (of a Yoga pose) over form and offers insight to the therapeutic application of asana.
  • Anatomy of Movement and Anatomy of Movement Exercises – Blandine Calais-Germain – These are complementary texts and are a great resource for Yoga teachers and students wanting to understand the function of movement at an anatomical level.
  • A Path with Heart – Jack Kornfield. This is a beautiful book based on Buddhist philosophy. It offers an ideas for integrating spirituality into our daily lives. Living compassionately and mindfully.
  • Peace is Every Step – Thich Nhat Hanh. I often think of this book as simply profound. It is a rich yet subtle exposure to Buddhist philosophy which exposes you to ideas about how everything is interrelated. It offers ideas on how to bring mindfulness/presence into moment to moment living. I love this little book.