Class Schedule

classOur studio location has closed. Please join us for online classes. Click  on:  Be Home Now, yoga with ellen for our online schedule.

One Yoga Center offers a diverse variety of Yoga styles and classes allowing you to discover the type of class that meets your needs and interests.

The majority of the classes at OYC combine the beautiful practices of classical Hatha (physical postures) Yoga with other therapeutically oriented practices that address the needs of the individual and Vinyasa (flow of sequenced movement) to provide a moderately paced practice for body, mind and spirit.

Classes are ideal for everyone but particularly for those challenged by:

  • Joint issues (replacement)
  • Weight problems
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Back issues
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic fatigue & Fibromyalgia
  • Osteopenia/Osteoporosis
  • Common aches, pains & health concerns associated with aging

Information for New Students

It is essential to the mission of One Yoga Center that new students feel welcome and comfortable at the center. We offer introductory pricing for new students (see above) and we have mats and cushions that can be used, free of charge, for all students. For reasons related to health and hygiene, ongoing students are encouraged to purchase their own mat.

The Gentle Yoga and Everybody classes are most suitable for beginners.

Students should wear loose, comfortable clothing to class. Pants or shorts with an elastic waist are ideal — no big buttons or belts. Dress in layers, particularly if you have a tendency to be warm or cool. Eat lightly – if at all – 1-2 hours before class. It is always good to drink a lot of water, but it is especially good before and after Yoga class. Please make every effort to arrive at class on time. The studio is open to receive you 15 minutes prior to start time. Know that every effort is made to begin and end class on time. Late arrivals and early departures are distracting to other students.

Our intention is to support you in realizing how Yoga and Yoga practices can allow you to maintain and achieve your goals for optimal mind, body, spirit wellness. According to Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute in his book Yoga for Transformation:

“The ancient Yogis understood that the needs of our bodies change from infancy through childhood, from adolescence into adulthood, and again form the child-bearing into the senior years. On the basis of this recognition and understanding, they developed the science of Asana practice as a way of promoting the balanced growth of the body and the maintenance of that balance into old age.”

These beliefs inspire the teachings at One Yoga Center, thus bringing an emphasis and respect to the needs of the individual in regard to their age, their level of wellness, and their personal goals for health and fitness of the mind, body and spirit.