Special Events

Monthly Meditation Circle

Monthly Meditation Circle

Meditation Circles are an opportunity to experience the energy of meditating with others. These are undirected “sits,” without instruction. Meditation will be held from 10:45am t0 11:15am (can increase duration by group consensus) on the following Saturdays: February 23, 2019 – open memorial sit for community member, Jedd March  2, 2019 April – no sit […]

Meditation 101 – 3/23 & 4/20

Meditation 101 - 3/23 & 4/20

Research shows that regular meditation practice changes the brain. The changes include an increase in gray matter which is essential for processing information. Meditation slows down the “monkey mind” and its quieting effect generates an increased sense of wellbeing or happiness. Meditation has also been shown to be a great tool for managing anxiety, stress […]

Yogic Lifestyle Immersion Retreat – June 6-9, 2019

Yogic Lifestyle Immersion Retreat - June 6-9, 2019

Awakening Presence Are you ready to commit time for self-care and personal growth in 2019? Imagine 3 nights and 4 days relaxing into the sound of waves breaking upon the shore. Visualize your self moving through a historic, oceanside inn that renders a feeling of stepping back in time. Come together with like minded souls […]