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Sangha by Danna Faulds

Sangha by Danna Faulds – Reading 6/27/20 Teach me what I cannot learn alone. Let us share what we know, and what we cannot fathom. Speak to me of mysteries, and let us never lie to one another.   May our fierce and tender longing fuel the fire in our souls. When we stand side […]

Open House – OYC in Conimicut Village Warwick

Open House - OYC in Conimicut Village Warwick

Postponed until further notice Ellen is excited to offer Yoga Classes in her home community of Warwick.  Less then 1 mile from her home the revitalization of the small, quaint village of Conimicut is speaking to her.  Vacant storefronts and commercial properties are being prepared for a new opportunity to thrive in the bayside community. […]

Workshop Series, Deepen your Practice

Workshop Series, Deepen your Practice

Are you looking to go deeper with your yoga practice?   Join Jennifer Spaziano for a special six-part, monthly workshop series.  Each session will incorporate various yogic techniques including: meditation, chanting, breath work, strength training and somatic movement.  While the final workshop will draw on all others, culminating in a home practice plan; any workshop […]

Note 9/2018

Namaste Beautiful Hearts, I am enjoying the break in the humidity and the refreshing nip of autumn. It offers another reminder to yield to the patterns of transition that create rhythms in my life. Looking closely at these rhythms I see the teachings of yoga everywhere. Nature’s cycle of birth, growth, death and decay holds, […]

Advice from a Tree – a poem to share

Dear Friend, Stand Tall and Proud Sink your roots deeply into the Earth Reflect the light of a greater source Think long term Go out on a limb Remember your place among all living beings Embrace with joy the changing seasons For each yields its own abundance The Energy and Birth of Spring The Growth […]

Celebrating the Change of Seasons

Autumn 2014 Celebrating the Change of Seasons As the evenings cool and the smell of wild grapes delight my senses, I experience a low hum of resistence and a feeling of exhilaration emerging at once. I love the long full days of summer. Sunny walks on the beach, paddles on the water, veggies on the […]

Gentle Chair Yoga for Everybody

Gentle Chair Yoga for Everybody

Rejuvenation Yoga for optimal well-being – a gentle chair Yoga class Forget about having to get up and down form the floor and enjoy all the benefits of Yoga in this gentle and effective class. Much of the Yoga seen in contemporary media seems out of reach for the “average” body never mind for those […]

Ramblings, November 9, 2010

The leaves have fallen, the geese are gathering and there is a cold chill in the air. Winter is arriving in New England and once again the season calls on me to slow down and spend sometime inside. I have always experienced winter as a time of incubation. Not only do I find myself reigniting […]

Standing in Truth…

Standing in Truth...

The image to the right was taken at the “hands across the sand” event in Narragansett Pier on Saturday June 26, 2010. Although attendance at the event was smaller then I anticipated, I was very happy to be there. It is easy to take a stand in the face of  human suffering as we did […]

Video: Stroke of Insight

This is a moving and provocative look at left and right brain functioning and how it impacts the way we perceive and interact with the world. It demonstrates our capacity to directly experience our interconnectedness with all of life. This is available to all of us, in the moment. It is not reserved for mystics […]