Be Home Now, yoga with ellen

Let’s join virtually for community, inspiration and practice as we navigate this time of change.  Through movement breath and meditation, Yoga practice allows you to relax your mind and embrace the unknown with resilience and equanimity.

Please join me for online classes that will:

  • reset your nervous system
  • optimize immune function
  • connect you with the incredible OYC yoga community
  • support you in navigating the challenges of this time
  • help to manage stress and anxiety

Classes are offered live.

The live schedule is as follows: Click the link near your chosen class time and it will bring you directly to your Be Home Now online yoga experience. You can also use the 9 digit meeting i.d. in red to log into the class.  I can’t wait to see you!

  • Gentle Tuesday – Tuesday 9:00-10:15am     746-228-667 or
  • Your Favorite Chair Yoga – Tuesday 11:00-12:00am  (A sturdy, non-upholstered chair is best) 113-302-926 or
  • EveryBody’s Home – Wednesday 827-219-110  5:00-6:15pm     351-629-182 or
  • Thursday’s Deep Flow – Thursday 5:30-6:45pm     439-623-166 or
  • Sacred Saturday – 9:00-10:15am  (class will be streamed outside weather permitting)  Zoom passcode: 827-219-110 or  Click into Zoom class here!.    Sacred Saturday will be broadcasted live on zoom from our outdoor location.  If you would like to sign-up for the outside class click here: https:Click here to sign upYou must sign up weekly…no advanced registrations.

Classes are offered on Zoom .  Class times and days are subject to change based on interest.

Sunday Evening Satsaṅga 

Sat means “true”

Sangha means “company”

We are all dancing in the unknown. The air is static with anxiety. We need the company of each other, true company, to hold space, listen and support our deep beingness in this time of unrest and change.

Please join me via Zoom on Sunday Oct 4. at 5:30pm. I will open with a reading, followed by a 10 minute silent meditation. Meditation will be followed with continued silence until someone chooses to speak. When the speaker finishes they can say “please hear me” or “I welcome a response”. If the speaker wants only to be heard, we will fall back into silence, until someone else chooses to speak. If the speaker welcomes a response, anyone is welcome to respond. The practice is to hold space for each other, to listen deeply, to respond and not react. We want to offer eachother space to be heard, held in compassion and know we are never alone.

We will save 10 minutes at the end of the first meeting to discuss how this format feels and to decide if, when and how we would like to meet on an ongoing basis (monthly, biweekly, a different format???)

If this interests you and you are unable to attend due to time please reach out and let me know your availability, so as a group we can take that into consideration

Click Here for Satsanga


  • All offerings can be received as a gift or by a gratitude offering.  If you are experiencing financial hardship for any reason, I encourage you to participate without financial concern. Those who are able to make an offering support others who can not.
  • Students with class cards please join us on Zoom
  • If you would like to make a gratitude offering  please do so.  The amount is your option.  You can do so through PayPal (button below) or by check. Checks can be made payable to Ellen Schaeffer and mailed to our studio address, 142A Danielson Pike, Foster, RI 02825.